CDCA CIC Members

Business Size
Heather Walker 843-746-5311 Large
Derrick Nixon (843) 300-4802 Mid-Size
Gary Jaffe 843-725-2285 Small

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Contracts Industry Council (CIC) Charter

Purpose: To increase the degree of integration and quality of the business partnership between SPAWARSYSCEN Atlantic and industry.
The Contracts Industry Council will provide a forum for the exchange of ideas to enhance processes, increase efficiency, and improve acquisition productivity in support of the SPAWARSYSCEN Atlantic mission and the warfighter. The Council will focus on issues in the acquisition process that impact the Government or a high percentage of industry partners.
Background: This initiative supports the tenets of the Office of Federal Procurement Policy (OFPP) “Myth-Busting” memorandum on “Addressing Misconceptions to Improve Communication with Industry during the Acquisition Process” and the Department of Defense’s Better Buying Power.
Meetings: Meetings are expected to be not more frequently than bi-monthly. Advance scheduling will seek to make meetings coincident with other significant events in the area when possible. Meetings will be conducted face-to-face to the maximum extent possible with dial-ins only available in extreme circumstances. Specific agenda items will be developed from SPAWARSYSCEN Atlantic via the Chair, or from Industry via the Chair.
CIC Membership: The CIC will be chaired by the Chief of the Contracting Office for SPAWARSYSCEN Atlantic. Industry will choose a lead from its representation to facilitate agenda development, meeting note finalization, meeting note dissemination, and coordination with other industry organizations for membership, communication, etc.
Government Membership: Members of SPAWARSYSCEN Atlantic will comprise the Government membership of the CIC as follows:
  • SPAWARSYSCEN Atlantic, Chief of the Contracting Office (Chair)
  • SPAWARSYSCEN Atlantic, Deputy Chief of the Contracts Office
  • SPAWARSYSCEN Atlantic, Tier 2 Non-ACAT Contracts
  • SPAWARSYSCEN Atlantic, Tier 2 Policy and Strategic Initiatives
  • SPAWARSYSCEN Atlantic Director for Small Business Programs
  • SPAWARSYSCEN Atlantic, Program Management Competency Lead
  • Other Government Subject Matter Experts will be included on an as needed basis.
    Industry Membership: A total of six (6) Industry members will comprise the industry membership of the CIC. These industry members will be nominated by the respective Presidents of the local Chapter of AFCEA (3 members) and the Charleston Defense Contractors Association (CDCA) (3 members) and appointed by the Chairman of the CIC and will serve on an annual basis. Within each organization, members will be nominated to represent small, mid-sized and large business.
    Size Definitions: The definition for small, medium and large businesses is as follows:
    • Small – A company with less than the size standard for NAICS 541330, the most frequently applied code for contracts from SPAWAR. The Military and Aerospace Equipment and Military Weapons exemption applies..
    • Medium – A company who is larger than the standard for small, but not on the top 20 federal contractor list as discussed below.
    • Large – A company who is in the top 20 of the most recent Top 100 Federal Contractor list, as published in Washington Technology.
    Qualifications for Industry Membership: Industry nominees’ companies must have a Prime contract with SPAWARSYSCEN Atlantic. In addition, nominees must be a full time employee of the company and be recognized by their Industry partners as having extensive experience and familiarity with SPAWARSYSCEN Atlantic business practices. Additionally, Industry nominees should be familiar with other Government business practices so that the council can share and assess improvement possibilities.
    Industry Membership Rotation: Industry members will rotate as delineated below. Each member will serve on the Council for a three year period:
    • Rotation dates align with AFCEA and CDCA elections of Board Members. Thus new Industry candidates can be nominated to the CIC Chair by the new board.
    • Allows AFCEA/CDCA Boards time to plan and nominate candidate replacements.
    • Provides Industry companies the view of CIC member openings and opportunities to apply.
    • Phases change of business size representation.
    Industry CIC Rotations
    Date Sponsor Size Representative
    June 2019 CDCA Mid Derrick Nixon
    January 2017 AFCEA Mid Manny Lovgren
    June 2020 CDCA Large Heather Walker
    January 2018 AFCEA Small Jennifer Osment
    June 2018 CDCA Small Gary Jaffe
    January 2019 AFCEA Large Amy Bare
    When a member rotates off the council, CDCA and AFCEA will make every effort to identify a qualified replacement from another company.
    CIC Industry members will select the individual to be the Team Lead.
    Out of Cycle Rotation: Occasionally, industry members must be replaced out of their planned rotation cycle due to status changes or resignations. At these times, the sponsoring organization will make a nomination as quickly as possible to fill the position. Should more than one full calendar year remain in the term for the vacated position at the time the nominee is approved, the nominee will complete the term as scheduled. However, should one year or less remain, the nominee will complete the term and fill the next three year term for the position.
    Associate Members: In addition, there may be occasions when a requirement arises to add additional Industry or Association representation to the CIC for the purposes of briefing, exercise execution, testing evolutions, etc. When the need arises to add additional representation, it shall be a coordinated effort between current Industry and Government CIC members. Industry members will provide their nomination to the CIC and the Government Chair, to make final appointment. These temporary appointments will remain in place for the duration of the activity requiring the additional personnel..
    STEVE HARNIG Contracts Industry Council, Chair